B. G. Sengers

C. P. Please1
E. M. Lofthouse1
1C. P. Please
1E. M. Lofthouse
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Fatty acids are critical for normal fetal growth and development. The placenta mediates the transfer of fatty acids from the maternal to the fetal circulation. Yet, the mechanisms of fatty acid transport are not fully understood. The development of a computational model alongside experiments will test our understanding of the transfer mechanisms. Modelling(More)
Porous architecture has a dramatic effect on tissue formation in porous biomaterials used in regenerative medicine. However, the wide variety of 3D structures used indicates there is a clear need for the optimal design of pore architecture to maximize tissue formation and ingrowth. Thus, the aim of this study was to characterize initial tissue growth solely(More)
Membrane transporters are considered essential for placental amino acid transfer, but the contribution of other factors, such as blood flow and metabolism, is poorly defined. In this study we combine experimental and modeling approaches to understand the determinants of [(14)C]phenylalanine transfer across the isolated perfused human placenta. Transfer of(More)
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