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This paper presents novel techniques for image retrieval using the clustering features extracted The proposed techniques are compared with well known traditional technique such as Hierarchical Clustering. Hierarchical clustering starts by calculating the Euclidean distance measure for all patterns in data set, which is not required to calculate in proposed(More)
A technique to retrieve images by region matching using a combined feature index based on color, shape, and location is presented within the framework of MPEG-7. Dominant regions within each image are indexed using integrated color, shape, and location features. Various combinations of regions are also indexed. The resulting indices and related metadata are(More)
Our world is dominated by visual information and a tremendous amount of such information is being added day-by-day. It would be impossible to cope with this explosion of visual data, unless they are organized such that we can retrieve them efficiently and effectively. The main problem in organizing and managing such visual data is indexing, the assignment(More)
Two accessions of Oryza nivara, a wild ancestral species of rice (O. sativa) identified as being moderately resistant to sheath blight and leaf blast disease, were used as donor parents to develop two advanced backcross populations with the US rice cultivar, Bengal, as the recurrent parent. The O. nivara donor parent for Wild-1 (252 BC2F1 lines) was acc.(More)
Most CBIR systems use low-level visual features for representation and retrieval of images. Generally such methods suffer from the problems of high-dimensionality leading to more computational time and inefficient indexing and retrieval performance. This paper focuses on a low-dimensional color and shape based indexing technique for achieving efficient and(More)