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During the IEEE P802.3ba 40Gb/s and 100Gb/s Ethernet project, it was observed that the bandwidth requirements for core networking and computing applications were growing at different rates, driving the need to develop the two new wireline Ethernet speeds. In order to maintain an ongoing understanding of the industry bandwidth trends, the IEEE 802.3 Ethernet(More)
The pre-performance routine (PPR) is proposed to assist the performance of closed skills by enhancing concentration (Crews and Boutcher, 1987) and the recall of optimal psychological and physiological states (Cohn, 1990). A multiple-baseline-across-individuals design was utilised to assess the effect of PPRs on water polo penalty shot performance. Three(More)
An outbreak of scrapie in western Canada is described. The disease was confirmed in seven sheep, all originating from the same flock; six were Suffolk ewes and one was a Hampshire ewe. The main clinical signs were pruritus with a positive "nibbling reflex", weight loss and seizures precipitated by handling or excitement. At presentation four ewes were(More)
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