B. Foucher

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Case studies were conducted using a stochastic model to predict the life cycle cost impact associated with the application of prognostic health management (PHM) to helicopter avionics. The life cycle costs of systems that assumed unscheduled maintenance and fixed-interval scheduled maintenance were compared to the costs of precursor-to-failure and life(More)
In case of a mass casualty radiation event, there is a need to distinguish total-body irradiation (TBI) and partial-body irradiation (PBI) to concentrate overwhelmed medical resources to the individuals that would develop an acute radiation syndrome (ARS) and need hematologic support (i.e., mostly TBI victims). To improve the identification and medical care(More)
(9). Although these autoantibodies have not been reported in patients with Listeria infections, susceptibility to infection caused by this bacterium is increased in GM–colony-stimulating factor –/– mice (10). Autoantibodies against GM–colony-stimulating factor or perhaps other cytokines might have impaired the patient's host defense against these organisms;(More)
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