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Free space optics (FSO) has gained considerable importance in this decade of demand for high bandwidth transmission capabilities. FSO can provide a feasible solution for the last mile access problem, but the availability and reliability issues have prevented it from gaining mass acceptance. Thus, a thorough investigation is required into the atmospheric(More)
Optical wireless link provides high bandwidth solution to the last mile access bottleneck. However, an appreciable high availability of the link is the basic requirement of any communication application. Free space optics (FSO) links are highly weather dependent and fog is the major attenuating factor reducing the link availability. Hybrid networks(More)
Free space optics provides high data rate by allowing transmission of signal through atmosphere. The free space optics is also effected by different weather conditions. The atmospheric attenuation is caused by two main factors i.e. Absorption and Scattering. Fog, rain, snow and cloud causes the scattering of optical signals transmitted in free space. Fog is(More)
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