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GATA1 is a hematopoietic transcription factor essential for expression of most genes encoding erythro-megakaryocytic proteins, i.e., globins and platelet glycoproteins. A role for GATA1 as a cell proliferation regulator has been proposed, as some of its bona fide targets comprise global regulators, such as c-KIT or c-MYC, or cell cycle factors, i.e., CYCLIN(More)
Hip and knee osteoarthritis (OA) is a common cause of disability, with great quality of life and economic impact, hence the need for effective treatment. Patient satisfaction with treatment is a measure of therapeutic effectiveness and may be used to assess treatment switch in OA patients. A 3-month multicenter, prospective, epidemiologic,(More)
Interest in the present study grew out of the concern for the large number of women who have suffered a perinatal loss at the Instituto Nacional de Perinatologia, a high-risk pregnancy hospital in Mexico. The purpose of the study was to offer high quality psychological treatment while at the same time including a large number of patients. A(More)
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