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We present a new approach to a class of non-convex LMI-constrained problem in robust control theory. The problems we consider may be recast as the minimization of a linear objective subject to linear matrix inequality (LMI) constraints in tandem with non-convex constraints related to rank conditions. We solve these problems using an extension of the(More)
We present a consistent model for artistic medium reproduction in 3D scene renderings and animations. Computer generated stylized animations should reproduce the medium used by the artists while avoiding the artifacts present in hand-drawn animations. In our model, for each scene object, we create a surface grain according to the object geometry and apply(More)
This paper discusses nonlinear optimization techniques in robust control synthesis, with special emphasis on design problems which may be cast as minimizing a linear objective function under linear matrix inequality (LMI) constraints in tandem with nonlinear matrix equality constraints. The latter type of constraints renders the design numerically and(More)
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