B. Faratian

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Endotoxins were detected in a few batches of culture medium during the authors' human in vitro fertilization program. Two distinct levels of endotoxins were assayed: greater than 1 ng/ml and less than 1 ng/ml. The source of endotoxin was traced to culture media obtained from a reputable manufacturing company. The incidence of fertilization per patient was(More)
The value of high vaginal insemination at the time of oocyte recovery for in vitro fertilization (IVF) has been assessed. A previous study reported a dramatic increase in the incidence of pregnancy in women after high vaginal insemination (53%) compared with those without insemination (23%). Of 306 patients undergoing IVF, 97 (32%) became pregnant and 20(More)
General anesthesia has been used for the replacement of human conceptuses after in vitro fertilization (IVF). Two adjuvants, enflurane and halothane, have been compared. Halothane significantly reduced the incidence of implantation compared to enflurane. In 356 replacements, the incidence of implantation for enflurane and halothane was 34 and 17%,(More)
Data are presented on establishing pregnancies by IVF during 1987 using only clomiphene citrate and human menopausal gonadotrophin for follicular stimulation. Of the 562 patients undergoing follicular stimulation, 80% reached oocyte recovery and 70% had at least one conceptus replaced. Patients having one or more (up to a maximum of four) conceptuses(More)
Sera from patients with ovarian tumours were assayed for circulating immune complexes (CIC) by four well established assays based on the interaction of immune complexes with components of the complement system. There was no difference in control, pre- or post-operative or BCG-treated patients' sera. Levels were also unchanged in sera in antigen excess. In(More)
One hundred forty-eight menstrual cycles were studied in 52 women, and in each cycle various parameters were measured to determine an objective means of assessing the syndrome. Daily mood assessment, body weight, plasma 17 beta-estradiol levels, and plasma progesterone levels were measured. The abdominal dimensions were measured in the lateral and(More)