B. F. Nazarov

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Lipid peroxidation processes (malonic dialdehyde, parameters of induced Fe(2+)-chemiluminescence) have been studied in 22 patients operated on for diseases of the lungs and mediastinum and 15 patients subjected to heart surgery for ischemic disease. It has been shown that the severity of the disease depends on the activity of lipid peroxidation and the(More)
The critical states occurring during pregnancy, labor, and early puerperium were analyzed. Seventy puerperas treated at intensive care units (ICU) were examined. The patients were divided into 5 groups: 1) those with preeclampsia (n = 15); 2) eclampsia (n = 22); 3) massive blood loss (n = 17); 4) pyoseptic complications (n = 10); 5) acute respiratory(More)
The effects of the solutions of hydroethyl starch (HES) and reamberin on hemodynamics, metabolism, and water-sector disorders were studied in patients with severe gestosis. The study covered 42 puerperas who were divided into 3 groups: 1) 10 patients with severe gestosis and normal acid-alkali balance (AAB); 2) 10 with severe gestosis and metabolic(More)
The hemodynamic effects of different modes of controlled ventilation (CV) were studied by means of impedance plethysmography in 52 anesthetized patients during surgery on the lungs, trachea, and bronchi. To adapt this investigation technique to the conditions of the operating room, a specially designed device was applied for extracorporeal measurement of(More)
The water-sector misbalance was studied in 53 puerperants. The method of bio-impedance spectrometry was made use of to determine the total body water, extra-cellular- cellular- and interstitial water as well as the circulating blood volume. The levels of extra-cellular and interstitial water were found to be reliably higher in patients with moderate(More)
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Цель работы. изучение закономерностей изменения биохимических показателей крови в послеродовом периоде при гестозах различной степени тяжести. Материалы и методы. обследовали 35 женщин в послеродовом периоде. Забор крови для исследования производили в 1 и 3 4 сутки после родов. Определяли показатели функционального состояния печени, почек и липидного(More)
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