B. F. I. Pieters

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We investigate a class of problems that deal with ranked data. Such data can be found in a variety of domains, ranging from inherently competitive fields such as sports and business, to more surprising applications such as relevance ranking and temporal data (where more recent events rank higher). In this paper, we deal with ranked data in a Subgroup(More)
Most airports have two types of gates: gates with an air bridge to the terminal and remote stands. For flights at a remote stand, passengers are transported to and from the aircraft by platform buses. In this paper we investigate the problem of planning platform buses as it appears at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. We focus on robust planning, i.e., we want to(More)
Subgroup discovery can generate descriptive patterns given a nominal or binary target variable. To do so, subgroup discovery uses quality measures that define the quality of a subgroup given the target values of the subgroup. However, not all problems are nominal in nature. More specifically, data can be either ranked and/or the target can be continuous. In(More)
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