B. F. Eldridge

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AMS Executive Director Donald E. McClure will retire in the summer of 2016. For seven and a half years, McClure has provided steady, thoughtful guidance to the AMS, McClure is wise and thoughtful, knowledgeable and strategic ensuring that the Society continues to thrive in its main role of supporting mathematics and the mathematical community, while also(More)
Two strains of St. Louis encephalitis virus were isolated from overwintering mosquitoes collected in Maryland and Pennsylvania during January and February 1977. There isolations from Culex pipiens constitute evidence that a mosquito-borne flavivirus can persist in a vector mosquito in temperate climates during the winter season.
The mechanism by which western equine encephalomyelitis (WEE) virus and other mosquito-borne alphaviruses (Togaviridae) survive during periods of vector inactivity is unknown. Recently, three strains of WEE virus were isolated from adult Aedes dorsalis collected as larvae from a salt marsh in a coastal region of California. This provides evidence of(More)
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