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Clustering has been widely used in data analysis. Dissimilarity assesses the distance between objects and this is important in Minimum Spanning Tree (MST) based clustering. An inconsistent edge is identified and removed without knowledge of prior tendency in MST based clustering, which explore the results of clusters in the form of sub-trees. Clustering(More)
The objective of the present paper is to obtain an accurate classification of the textures, which did not introduce undesired merging and to develop a quick, effective and novel algorithm that should be easy to understand and implement. For this the present study advocates a new statistical method based on edge direction movement for classification of(More)
Study of different patterns on a local neighborhood of a texture plays an important role in characterization, and classification of the textures. Many preprocessing steps are used in the generation of textures for a better quality. The present paper studies how the percentage of occurrence factor of a typical pattern varies after applying various local(More)
Kernel k-means clustering method has been proved to be effective in identifying non-isotropic and linearly inseparable clusters in the input space. However, this method is not a suitable one for large data-sets because of its quadratic time complexity with respect to the size of the data-set. This paper presents a simple prototype based hybrid approach to(More)
Cloud data storage redefines the issues targeted on customer's out-sourced data (data that is not stored/retrieved from the costumers own servers). In this work we observed that, from a customer's point of view, relying upon a solo SP for his outsourced data is not very promising. In addition, providing better privacy as well as ensure data availability and(More)
This paper proposes an efficient algorithm for contrast enhancement to preserve the essential details of microscopic images of malaria infected blood using Gamma Equalization (GE). The central idea of this method is first, to convert the input color blood image into gray scale one, and then to calculate the range value for the γth order image of a(More)