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Research on the influence of attitudes toward computers and end user performance has reported inconsistent results. The inconsistent results, at least in part, could be attributed to the lack of correspondence between the general nature of the attitude measure and the specific nature of the criterion, end user performance. Based on Ajzen and Fishbein's(More)
Through a meta-analysis of 120 independent samples reported in 111 studies, we test the predictions of internalization theory in the context of the multinationality-performance relationship. Findings indicate that multinationality provides an efficient organizational form that enables firms to transfer their firm-specific assets to generate higher returns(More)
Reinsurance premium receipts from overseas countries to firms domiciled in the United States increased 207% during the years 1987 to 1999. It is important to understand the characteristics of countries that exhibit a rapid increase in imports of U.S. reinsurance services. This study found that U.S. reinsurance exports take place to countries with large(More)
PURPOSE The potential for nurse entrepreneurship to contribute to the effectiveness of healthcare delivery is well acknowledged, yet it has not been fully realized. Using the process model of entrepreneurship, we attempted to glean information from nursing professionals through focus groups on the barriers to starting a business. DATA SOURCES Two focus(More)
The purpose of this study is to compare the changing behavior of two counting methods (whole counting and whole-normalized counting) and inflation rate at country level research productivity and impact. For this, publication data on tribology research published between 1998 and 2012 from SCOPUS has been used. Only internationally collaborated papers are(More)
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