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Speech samples from eight British female adults addressing young children and another adult were analysed in terms of vocal pitch. Increases in vocal pitch when addressing young children were observed but were smaller than the increases noted by North American researchers, and variability across speakers was marked. Some adults only slightly raised their(More)
We intended to determine the levels of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) synthesis at the time when mitochondria ultrastructurally show flocculent densities in the matrix space. For this purpose, mitochondria were isolated from rat heart and rat liver after the tissues have been maintained under controlled ischemic conditions in vitro at 37 degrees C for(More)
A comet of the size recently postulated by H. C. Urey would leave a large crater. It is shown, from aerodynamic theory, from observations of distribution around terrestrial impact craters, and from experimental nuclear explosions, that the observed distribution of tektites cannot be the result of impact on the earth, whether cometary or meteoritic. It is(More)
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