B. E. Kushare

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With the increasing share of wind in power generation, the dynamic behavior of the power system will change considerably due to different technologies used for wind and conventional generators. This paper will describe the sustainability of Doubly-Fed Induction Generator during the abnormal condition on grid also during the fault condition. For the(More)
In past decade, attention on Electrical sensor for measurement of high current was quit low, this sensor will replace existing measuring instrument of electrical power system. The accurate and reliable measurement of the system parameter is very essential for human safety, economical low cost and stable operation of an electric power system. In particular,(More)
This paper proposes a new Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithm employed in Wind Energy Conversion Systems (WECS). One of the major issues concerning HCS is its inefficiency in detecting the peak power when there is a change in wind ·speed. In addition, the HCS produces oscillations in delivered power once this peak is detected. A modified HCS(More)
Injection of wind power into an electric grid affects the power quality and reactive power issues at the connected electric network. Power quality problems such as voltage sag are some major concern. In this paper these issues are analyzed. Wind turbine connected to squirrel cage induction generator is modeled using PSCAD simulation software to analyze the(More)
— Switching transients in power systems are always a matter of concern, which results into electrical and mechanical stresses and sometimes may lead to equipment failure. High current transients associated with uncontrolled energization of capacitors can cause voltage sags and harmonics on the primary system, which may create problems with power system(More)
This paper analyzes the supercapacitor based voltage support system for medium voltage AC system. For the last decade supercapacitors have become an integral part of low voltage power electronic systems where high power density from dc storage device is required frequently. So far their use has been limited to delivering or absorbing pulses of power during(More)
About 38% faults of IM are stator faults. This paper present an ANN based MCSA method for detection of incipient stator winding faults in IM, mainly, inter-turn and phase-to-phase faults. An experimental setup implemented in the Electrical Machines Laboratory of K. K. Wagh Institute of Engineering Education and Research, Nashik (India) consists of a(More)
Voltage sags are among the most important power quality events due to their economic effect on all types of customers, especially industrial users. The normal device used for motor connections and disconnections is the contactor, and thus it is of importance to know what type of voltage sags will open the AC coil contactor or engage it. This information is(More)
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