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The hypothesis was studied whether the chronic administration of nitrite lowers the blood pressure of spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR) and prevents secondary hypertension-induced organ lesions. For this purpose totally 96 SHR received 50 to 75 mmol/l NaNO2 or equimolar amounts of NaHCO3 in their drinking water during 4, 8 or 12 months. At each point of(More)
To investigate the drinking behaviour of rabbits as well as to prove the suitability of different drinker systems under animal suitable conditions all in all 32 rabbits aged four to eight weeks have been held to test in free choice four drinker types usually applied in practice. The rabbits could choose between swimmer-, low pressure-bowl-, nipple- and(More)
  • B Drescher
  • 1990
This article presents a modified Giemsa-staining. The dye Azure B-Eosinate (Serva, Heidelberg) reformed according to Wittekind was applied to paraffin-slices of decalcified bones of rabbits. Besides a contrast staining on the whole significant details in the histological mounting of bone can be exposed.
Vertebral columns of female and male breeding rabbits, kept in conventional cages or in a group housing system, were investigated by spot checks anatomically and radiographically in regard to deformations of the vertebral column. It should be proved, whether depending on the housing system and the opportunity of locomotion the male and female rabbits get(More)
After introducing remarks on the meaning of the ethology of farm animals about the evaluation of housing systems the own examinations about piglets in the rearing period and about housing systems of rabbits held in groups respectively will be demonstrated. By these examinations choice experiments have proved true. For estimating and evaluating the(More)
ZIKA-fattening rabbits in groups of 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64 animals (5 rabbits/m2) have been proved in 6 repetitions with all together 144 animals during the fattening period of nine weeks in regard to their fattening performance, health and behaviour. The aim was to find an optimal group size for fattening rabbits with respect to animal welfare. The results(More)
The age dependent development of the long bones' diaphyses (humerus, os femoris and os tibiofibulare) was examined macroscopically, morphometrically and histologically using 15 White New Zealand Rabbits (WN) and 15 Chinchilla-Bastard-Experimental-Rabbits (Chbb) in 5 different age groups. The main growth of bone occurs in the first three months of life. The(More)
To study interactions between magnesium (Mg) and diabetes mellitus, female SD-rats weighing ca. 230 g were rendered Mg-deficient by offering a diet providing only 20% of the rat's requirement. After 14 days the animals were injected 75 mg streptozocin (STZ) per kg body weight intraperitoneally. Placebo-treated controls received the same diet, however their(More)
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