B. Delworth Gardner

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The Expert Patient Programme (EPP) is a lay-led, group-based, self-management training course available through the UK National Health Service for persons with long-term health conditions. Thirty-two patients who attended EPP courses in East London were interviewed about their experiences. Grounded theory coding of transcripts was employed to identify(More)
The identification and development of novel drugs requires a multidisciplinary team of individuals whose membership changes during the lifecycle of a project. Incomplete knowledge transfer across this team can be a barrier to effective decision-making and efficient drug discovery. We have deployed a new infrastructure supporting information storage and(More)
Infrared atmospheric pressure matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization on an ion trap mass spectrometer is used to analyze frozen samples generated using a Peltier-cooled sample stage. This allows for the analysis of samples in water without the addition of matrix, in near-native conditions, and with minimal loss of water due to evaporation. Analysis of(More)
The unique focusing properties of the curved-field reflectron provide a simple solution to the problem of compensating for the broad range of energies of product ions produced postsource in a time-of-flight mass spectrometer. This has been shown previously for the technique known as postsource decay, but in this report we demonstrate its use for tandem(More)
A substantial number of papers have shown that as workers’ compensation statutory benefits increase, reported claims frequency and severity also increase. While this seems to be a robust finding in the literature, it is not known how these moral hazard responses affect real productivity. Moral hazard is usually regarded as shifting costs from group health(More)
Modern employee benefits practices have not taken advantage of modern information technology largely because of an implicit reliance on "adding machine" approaches to health care benefits. This article argues that an integrated, worker-specific approach to benefits management is needed in a modern benefits environment. Quantitative illustrations of the(More)
The organizers of this session presumably knew what they were doing in inviting me to discuss these papers, but 1 am dubious. I doubt that it was because I have a reputation for discovering major flaws in the neoclassical model and thus would readily accept the arguments presented in these papers. My Chicago training and published work would suggest that(More)
Physical training in the form of long-term nonexhaustive daily exercise was studied as a means of regulating fatty acid biosynthesis. Male rats were required to swim for periods up to 90 min/day. The exercise was carried out 6 days/wk for approximately 11 wk. Hepatic fatty acid biosynthesis and acetyl-CoA carboxylase [acetyl-CoA: CO2 ligase (EC](More)