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The purpose of this article is to examine the passwords selected by health care professionals and the security and privacy standards in relationship to those passwords as addressed by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). Examinations of these passwords have illustrated the connectivity between password length and strength(More)
Purpose – The aim of this research is to make users aware of the importance surrounding the issue of security and security awareness while at the same time making educators as well as other individuals aware of the differing effects of cultural dimensions into the learning process. Design/methodology/approach – An inter-cultural study was conducted to(More)
Privacy risk is increasingly entering the public consciousness when it comes to use of information technology (IT). To gain insight into the role of risk in the technology adoption process, we studied the use of information systems for student registration and schedule management at two major U.S. universities. We extended the Technology Acceptance Model(More)
AbstrAct This study examines corporate performance effects when banks outsource noncore business processes. Additionally, the article proposes that knowledge management process plays a significant role in determining the outcomes of outsourcing. Drawing from resource theory and knowledge management literature, the authors develop the concept of managerial(More)
Today's maintenance technicians require timely, situation-specific electronic task guidance and support while their managers desire increased performance and decreased costs. Innovative Electronic Performance Support System (EPSS) architectures provide user-centered and performance-centered electronic environments that allow users to accomplish tasks with(More)