B. Dawidowicz

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A new approach to the passive coherent location (PCL) signal processing technique dedicated for use on mobile radar platforms is presented. The main goal of the research conducted was to present different aspects of an efficient space-time ground moving target indication (GMTI) algorithm for PCL radar mounted to airborne platforms. The algorithm described,(More)
This paper presents the concept of an airborne passive radar and the preliminary results of the experiments carried out using two mobile platforms: a car and an aircraft. In the research conducted for the study of this concept, a passive radar mounted to an aircraft was used. The radar utilizes signals transmitted by illuminators of opportunity, e.g. FM(More)
Passive radars, i.e., radars that use existing transmitters as illuminators of opportunity, have witnessed a fast progress in the last decade. Recent developments in many countries [1-5] refer to systems that use commercial transmitters (e.g., FM radio, DAB, DVB-T, GSM) and apply advanced signal processing technology to the received signal. The technology,(More)
To obtain moving target detection in SAR images, strong signals from nonmoving objects (ground clutter) have to be removed. In the classical approach for single channel SAR data, simple FIR filtering or frequency-domain filtering is used. The disadvantage of this approach is significant weakening or masking of moving target echo (by either wide transition(More)
The objective of the study was to present both the possibilities of documenting the course and results of crime scene reconstruction using 3D laser scanning technology and the legal basis for application of this technology in evidence collection. The authors present the advantages of the aforementioned method, such as precision, objectivity, resistance of(More)
This paper presents a distributed universal evolutionary optimization environment designed for optimal design in electromagnetics. The optimizer can be tuned to act as a genetic algorithm or as an evolutionary strategy. Basic principles of optimizer design are discussed. The system is coded in Java and uses a remote method invocation technique to distribute(More)
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