B. Datskovsky

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In visual cortex of normal adult rabbits, callosal projections are restricted to a 2 mm wide band at the area 17/18 border. In adult rabbits which are monocularly enucleated (ME) on the day of birth, the callosal zone extends 4 mm into the medial region of area 17 in the cortex ipsilateral to the remaining eye. In this study, the function of these anomalous(More)
The effects of neonatal monocular enucleation on the topographic representation of the ipsilateral visual field in the visual cortex of the rabbit were investigated, using electrophysiological recordings of multi-unit activity in area 17. Topography of receptive fields was determined in normal adult rabbits, adult rabbits monocularly enucleated on the day(More)
In 1916 Ramanujan observed a remarkable congruence: τ(n) ≡ σ11(n) mod 691. The modern point of view is to interpret the Ramanujan congruence as a congruence between the Fourier coefficients of the unique normalized cusp form of weight 12 and the Eisenstein series of the same weight modulo the numerator of the Bernoulli number B12. In this paper we give a(More)
In this paper we show that the Taylor coefficients of a Hecke eigenform at a CM-point, suitably modified, form a sequence of algebraic numbers that satisfy the Kubota Leopoldt generalization of the Kummer congruences for primes that split in the imaginary quadratic field associated with a CM-point. More generally, we show that these numbers are moments of a(More)
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