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The purpose of this study was to establish rheoencephalographic value in 90 healthy subjects aged from 20 to 80 years divided into 3 groups. The investigations were done with a two-channel rheographic apparatus produced by Siemens. The so-called rheography II technique was applied. In each subject measurements were done bilaterally in temporal, parietal and(More)
In 6 patients treated for hydrocephalus caused by posterior fossa tumours simultaneous continuous measurement of intraventricular cerebrospinal fluid pressure and all-night polygraphic sleep recording were carried out before and after implantation of ventriculoatrial valve. It was observed that in patients with hydrocephalus and raised CSF pressure(More)
Thirty-seven patients with vertebrobasilar arterial insufficiency were divided into two groups depending on their clinical condition. In the group of patients with more severe clinical manifestations the intensity of EEG changes was correspondingly greater. In this group in 7 patients the EEG background activity was disturbed, in 4 of them focal changes(More)