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Since its founding in 1972 as the nation's first feminist policy research organization, the Center for Women Policy Studies has been on the front lines of efforts to promote justice and equality for women. The Center's multiethnic and multicultural feminist research, policy analysis and advocacy bring women's diverse voices to important debates – on women(More)
Reminiscencing over biomedical comput ing 25 years ago is much like recalling one's prenatal impressions: There is also a temptation to invent examples of inspiration post facto, testifying to one's sifts of insisht. Nevertheless, a few early recollections have that childlike aura of remembrance, are not immodest, and may be worth sharing. One such was a(More)
Preface: Barbara Waxman was one of the most powerful and trailblazing scholar-activists on the intersection of sexuality, violence and disability. Her works insist on the recognition of the need for sexual pleasure by disabled people 1 and draw attention to hate-motivated violence against disabled people. Waxman wrote at a time when the majority of(More)
PREFACE In 1999, at the urging of our sister/colleague Barbara Faye Waxman Fiduccia, the Center for Women Policy Studies launched a new series of publications on women and girls with disabilities – beginning with two groundbreaking reports, Violence Against Disabled Women: Research and Data in Brief and Women and Girls with Disabilities: Defining the Issues(More)
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