B D Sathyanarayana

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BACKGROUND Ideal treatment for warts should be effective, safe, have less morbidity and provide long-lasting immunity against human papilloma virus. This can optimally achieved by the stimulation of the immune system against the virus. The autoimplantation of warts, autowart injection and quadrivalent vaccines have been used for this purpose.(More)
Nicolau syndrome is an uncommon complication of intramuscular injection leading to variable degrees of necrosis of skin and the underlying tissues. We report here two cases of this syndrome. Our first case was a 25 year-old male who developed intense pain and purplish discoloration of the skin in the right hip after intramuscular diclofenac injection. The(More)
Most of the proposed security protocols for routing optimization in Mobile IPv6, including the one in the standard, depend on the special relationship between the home network and the mobile node. In this paper, we present a new protocol that does not depend on the security relationship between the home network and the mobile. The security of the protocol(More)
—Ad hoc wireless network is experiencing challenges due to various security issues and resource constraints in nature high mobility. There is always the challenge to create a reliable and optimized network for efficient routing. Ensuring a dynamic way that path which is known in communications is always a challenge in the mobile ad hoc network. Most of the(More)
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