B D George

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In early surgical attempts to create a neoanal sphincter for patients who are faecally incontinent, skeletal muscle (usually the gracilis) has been transposed around the anal canal. Despite modifications, such as intermittent electrical stimulation, this procedure is likely to fail because the fast-twitch gracilis muscle is incapable of prolonged(More)
PURPOSE Long-course preoperative radiotherapy has been recommended for rectal carcinoma when there is concern about the ability to perform a curative resection, for example, in larger tethered tumors or those sited anteriorly or near the anal sphincter. "Downstaging" of the tumor may occur, and this is of importance when estimating the prognosis and(More)
To determine the effect of speakers' attempts to disguise their voices on listeners' accuracy in age judgments, 26 speakers, 13 females and 13 males, recorded six sentences under three conditions: (a) in a normal manner, actually were, and (c) in a manner in which they attempted to sound much older than they actually were. Three master tapes were(More)
Fifteen patients under the age of 20 years underwent transcranial revascularisation surgery: 13 presented with acute strokes or recurrent transient neurological events, one with progressive dementia and one with recurrent syncope. Five underwent unilateral and seven bilateral anastomosis of the superficial temporal artery to a branch of the middle cerebral(More)
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