B D Depaola

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Utilizing two-photon excitation in hot Rb vapor we demonstrate the generation of collimated optical fields at 420 and 1324 nm. Input laser beams at 780 and 776 nm enter a heated Rb vapor cell collinear and circularly polarized, driving Rb atoms to the 5D(5/2) state. Under phase-matching conditions coherence among the 5S(1/2)→5P(3/2)→5D(5/2)→6P(3/2)(More)
We investigate coherent population trapping in a strongly interacting ultracold Rydberg gas. Despite the strong van der Waals interactions and interparticle correlations, we observe the persistence of a resonance with subnatural linewidth at the single-particle resonance frequency as we tune the interaction strength. This narrow resonance cannot be(More)
A modification in the analysis of a conventional laser beam spot size measurement method has been developed. The new analysis significantly decreases the uncertainty in the estimation of the beam-spot size. A conventional beam scanning approach was used in the measurement, but instead of differentiating the data and fitting the result to a Gaussian(More)
It is shown how the newly developed technique of magneto-optical-trap recoil-ion momentum spectroscopy can be used to measure the temporal evolution of excited state fraction in such a trap. In this case, the fraction of atoms in a 5p state is measured. The technique can be generalized to allow the measurement of more complicated systems, e.g., a Rb sample(More)
The photoion spectrum of atomic potassium was measured over the 3s → np excitation region with the photoion time-of-flight method and monochromatized synchrotron radiation. An unusual spectrum with paired windows structure was found instead of a simple regular Rydberg series. Such subsidiary windows have not been observed in the 3s → np resonances of Ar,(More)
We report on a theoretical and experimental study of state-selective differential single-electron transfer cross sections between Na ions and Rb(5s ,5p) atoms at collision energies of 2, 5, and 7 keV. A two-center multichannel semiclassical impact parameter close-coupling method with straight-line trajectories was used to obtain single-electron capture(More)
We explore 2-color photoassociative ionization in cold Rb vapor and present experimental evidence that the molecular ions are produced from the stepwise excitation of a ladder of molecular states. We also explore a new process, dubbed photoassociative-dissociative ionization, by which atomic ions are created by excitation through a ladder of molecular(More)
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Charge exchange is examined with unprecedented precision using the newly developed magneto-optical trap-target recoil ion momentum spectroscopy (MOTRIMS) technique. Initial and final state selective, charge exchange cross sections are obtained for 6 keV Cs+ colliding with rubidium in 5s and 5p states. For each charge transfer channel, cross sections(More)
We report on a compact and transportable apparatus that consists of a cold atomic target at the center of a high resolution recoil ion momentum spectrometer. Cold rubidium atoms serve as a target which can be operated in three different modes: in continuous mode, consisting of a cold atom beam generated by a two-dimensional magneto-optical trap, in normal(More)