B D Bozhkov

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We make a generalization of the integral method in the electromagnetic theory of gratings to study diffraction by echelles covered with dielectric lossless or absorbing layers. Numerical examples are given that show that, as in the resonance domain, the diffraction efficiency is more complicated than being a simple product of lossless diffraction efficiency(More)
A periodic array of dielectric rods or holes, known as two-dimensional photonic crystal, is shown to have blazing properties similar to those of classical diffraction gratings. Several different optogeometric configurations are shown numerically to exhibit an almost perfect blazing in the -1st reflected order with a plateaulike spectral dependence in(More)
  • B D Bozhkov
  • Molekuliarna meditsina = Molecular medicine
  • 1996
This work reviews clonal rearrangements of T-cell receptor genes in peripheral T-cells of patients with lymphoproliferative diseases. The role of T-cell genes for predisposition to autoimmune diseases is analysed. Methodological approaches for analysis of T-cell receptor repertoire and autoimmune diseases are presented. The role of T-cell receptor-antigen(More)
The patients with bronchial asthma, treated a long time with corticosteroid s (the so called cortico-dependent bronchial asthma) are an adequate model for the study on the dependence between the function of the thyroid gland and the effect of glucocorticosteroids. The study was carried out on 12 patients with atopic, 14--with cortico-dependent bronchial(More)