B. Costa

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Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) have been widely proposed as a fisheries management tool in addition to their conservation purposes. Despite this, few studies have satisfactorily assessed the dynamics of fishers' adaptations to the loss of fishing grounds. Here we used data from before, during and after the implementation of the management plan of a temperate(More)
The complexity and diversity of physical and biotic habitats are important features influencing the composition of shallow water reef fish assemblages, especially in temperate regions where abundant and diverse algal cover may have an important habitat-forming role. Coastal fish have adapted to these diverse habitats and to the temporal and spatial(More)
In this paper we develop an algorithm to improve the accuracy of the wideband signal parameter estimation. It is well known that in the presence of an unknown noise, these estimates may be grossly inaccurate. The proposed algorithm uses both the fourth order cumulant for the suppression of the gaussian noise, the transformation matrices for estimating the(More)
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