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MANETs are wireless temporary adhoc networks that are being setup with no prior infrastructure and with no centralized administrator node. MANETs have dynamic (no fixed) topology due to arbitrary (random) movement of nodes. These can be created on the fly for a single session or a temporary assignment. Routing of data packets in MANETs is a fundamental(More)
This paper describes a flexible logic BIST scheme that features high fault coverage achieved by fault-simulation guided test point insertion, real at-speed test capability for multi-clock designs without clock frequency manipulation, and easy physical implementation due to the use of a low-speed SE signal. Application results of this scheme to two widely(More)
Wireless mesh networks (WMNs) are attractive as a new communication paradigm. Ad hoc routing protocols for WMNs are classified into: (a) proactive, (b) reactive, and (c) hybrid approaches. In general, proactive routing is more suitable for a stationary network, while reactive routing is better for a mobile network with a high mobility. In many applications,(More)
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