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n recent years there has been increasing interest in describing complicated information processing systems in terms of the knowledge they have, rather than by the details of their implementation. This requires a means of modeling the knowledge in a system. Several different approaches to knowledge modeling have been developed by researchers working in(More)
Design rationale is a record of design activity: of alternatives available, choices made, the reasons for them, and explanations of how a proposed design is intended to work. We describe a representation called the Functional Representation (FR) that has been used to represent how a device's functions arise causally from the functions of its components and(More)
* Understanding the design of an engineered device requires both knowledge of the general physical principles that determine the behavior of the device and knowledge of what the device is intended to do (i.e., its functional specification). However, the majority of work in model-based reasoning about device behavior has focused on modeling a device in terms(More)