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The prevalence of Loa loa and Mansonella perstans filariasis has been determined in 6 rural villages in eastern Gabon. Between 18.9 and 27.2% of people carry L. loa microfilariae with an overall microfilarial rate of 25.1%. The microfilarial rate for M. perstans was more variable, between 33.3 and 62.2% (average 49.1%). No significant difference was seen in(More)
Wrist arthroscopy may add specific datas to that provided by standard or motion view radiographs, arthrography, bone scan, TDM or RMN. Eight portals allow direct visualization of articular surfaces of radio-carpal and medio-carpal joints, triangular fibrocartilage, spaces between the carpal bones, interosseous and extrinsic ligaments. Wrist arthroscopy may(More)
Patients harbouring Loa loa and/or Mansonella perstans infections, or presenting typical filarial symptomatology, were treated with mebendazole, a drug shown to be efficient in other parasitoses. Of the patients who took the drug during 21 days and provided regular blood samples, 84% showed a significant decrease in their L. loa microfilaraemia and 100% in(More)
INTRODUCTION The development of the indications in the arthroscopic surgery of the ankle and the narrowness of this joint impose perfectly adapted portals. Several posterior portals which allow to access to the postero medial corner of the joint have been already described, but are not satisfying. We describe, here, a new postero-medial portal which allows(More)
After a brief report of median nerve anatomy at wrist, authors describe terminal variations of its distribution. Classic description of five terminal sensitive and motor median nerve branches is not constant. Many anatomic variations have been reported and so many, classifications proposed. Lantz' classification is useful, it may be divided in four groups.(More)
Experimental data of a fluid turbulence is analysed with respect to the statistical dependency of eddies of different length scales. The joint probability distributions of velocity fluctuations of two different length scales ̧ 1 , ̧ 2 are evaluated. We quantify statistical dependency by calculating the correlation function as well as a suitably defined(More)