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INTRODUCTION The development of the indications in the arthroscopic surgery of the ankle and the narrowness of this joint impose perfectly adapted portals. Several posterior portals which allow to access to the postero medial corner of the joint have been already described, but are not satisfying. We describe, here, a new postero-medial portal which allows(More)
After a brief report of median nerve anatomy at wrist, authors describe terminal variations of its distribution. Classic description of five terminal sensitive and motor median nerve branches is not constant. Many anatomic variations have been reported and so many, classifications proposed. Lantz' classification is useful, it may be divided in four groups.(More)
It is possible to quantify medical severity of a suicide attempt ("lethality") and its relationships with other components of the suicidal gesture have to be analysed. Our study about 758 suicide attempts aims to define psychiatric and psychological factors which are linked to "lethality" as measured by Weisman and Worden scale. Results of factorial(More)
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