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Photopic and scotopic spectral sensitivity of rhesus monkeys was determined before and after complete removal of the striate cortex. The monkeys were required to choose between a white and a series of monochromatic stimuli distributed throughout the visible spectrum. A modified method of limits was used to determine the psychophysical point of subjective(More)
To test the three main hypotheses of the human amnesic syndrome (encoding, consolidation, retrieval), we designed an original protocol for memory assessment under Amytal that included, in addition to a retrograde memory measure, both short-term and long-term anterograde memory measures. Twenty epileptic patients with SEEG-confirmed unilateral temporal lobe(More)
The photopic spectral sensitivity of one female Cebus Griseus was determined to complement published results showing that this monkey did not demonstrate the red deficiency typical of most New World monkeys. A modified method of limits was used to determine S's perceived brightness of different monochromatic stimuli. The results suggest that this monkey(More)