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Recent advances in therapeutic tumor vaccinations necessitate the identification of broadly expressed, immunogenic tumor antigens that are not prone to immune selection. To this end, the human inhibitor of apoptosis, survivin, is a prime candidate because it is expressed in most human neoplasms but not in normal, differentiated tissues. Here, we demonstrate(More)
We report a 24-year-old woman with active acromegaly despite pituitary surgery and irradiation who received continuous octreotide LAR treatment for the control of GH excess throughout her pregnancy. The patient delivered a healthy girl following an uneventful pregnancy. Despite a substantial materno-fetal transfer of octreotide, postnatal development was(More)
BACKGROUND The osteoclast-specific active TRAP 5b isoform is detectable in serum and claimed to be a specific marker of bone resorption. The present study was undertaken to evaluate the usefulness of TRAP 5b as a serum marker of bone resorption in breast cancer patients with bone metastases. MATERIALS AND METHODS TRAP 5b serum levels were measured in 192(More)
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