B. Capdeville

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Reducing the time for biodegradability tests to 28 days poses a problem when the inoculum contains few biodegraders, as a biodegradable xenobiotic must give a positive result within this time. The influence of initial concentration (X0, number of cells liter-1) on the lag time (hours) of para-nitrophenol biodegradability tests was examined using different(More)
Free ammonia inhibition to Nitrobacter population in a nitrifying biofilm was investigated. It was found that when the tree ammonia concentration is greater than 0.1 mgN/l the oxidative activity of Nitrobacter was significantly inhibited, and resulting in a transient accumulation of nitrite ions. The results show that Nitrobacter population is capable of(More)
The effects of shock loading on the performance of a nitrifying biofilm reactor were investigated over a wide range of conditions by varying the feed concentration of ammonium (SO) and dilution rate (D) respectively. It was found that variation in the effluent ammonium concentration as SO or D changes was subject to a semi-U shaped curve. The response(More)
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