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We have studied the expression of the human SRY protein (termed p27SRY) in two different cell lines by using specific antibodies. Confocal microscopy enabled us to localize p27SRY precisely in the nucleus in a discrete punctuate pattern. Furthermore, through microinjection experiments, we have demonstrated that the localization of the p27SRY protein into(More)
We have previously reported that astroglial cell lines derived from spontaneously immortalized mouse cerebellar cultures as well as primary astrocyte cultures express the mRNA of the alpha isoform of smooth muscle actin. In this report, we have used an antiserum specific for the alpha smooth muscle actin protein to investigate the presence and the pattern(More)
Doxorubicin delivery to the brain is often restricted because of the poor transport of this therapeutic molecule through the blood-brain barrier (BBB). To overcome this problem, we have recently developed a technology, Pep:trans, based on short natural-derived peptides that are able to cross efficiently the BBB without compromising its integrity. In this(More)
Endothelin binds to receptors belonging to the family of G-protein-coupled receptors with an N-terminal extracellular domain that is suspected to be part of the binding site. We have synthesized different peptides of this N-terminal extracellular domain and analyzed the increase in calcium concentration ([Ca2+]i) induced by these peptides in the MEG-01 cell(More)
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