B. C. V. Mitchley

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IN a careful examination of the long-term effects of large doses of lead, Zollinger (1953) described the tumours of the kidney in rats induced by repeated injection of lead phosphate. This finding has been confirmed by Walpole (personal communication in Matthews and Walpole, 1958) who also obtained tumours in the kidney by injection of lead phosphate. The(More)
experiments was prepared by the precipitation of rat liver protein by a cadmium salt, and contained cadmium as an essential part of its crystalline structure. Since cadmium is known to cause testicular atrophy (Parizek and Zahor, 1956 ; Meek, 1959 ; Kar and Das, 1960 ; Parizek, 1960) we decided to see whether the effects of rat ferritin could be induced by(More)
IT is beyond dispute that when repeated subcutaneous injections of the irondextran complex " Imferon " are given to rats, mice, hamsters or rabbits, malignant tumours may arise in high incidence at the injection site (Richmond, 1957, 1959, 1960 ; Haddow and Horning, 1960 ; Lundin, 1961 ; Haddow, Roe and Mitchley, 1964). It has been argued that the animal(More)
IN an accompanying paper the induction of sarcomata at the site of repeated subcutaneous injection into rats of cadmium sulphate, or of cadmium-precipitated rat-ferritin, is described, and the failure to induce such tumours in mice by similar treatment reported (Haddow et al., 1964). In the present paper the occurrence of testicular lesions and of pituitary(More)
THE fact that the carcinogenic activity of cigarette smoke cannot be explained in terms of its content of known carcinogens (Roe, Salaman, Cohen and Burgan, 1959) stimulated the search for other carcinogenic constituents. The high carcinogenic potency of certain nitrosamines has been shown by the work of Magee and Barnes (1956, 1962) and Druckrey,(More)