B. C. Syrett

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Pitting corrosion of aluminum 2024 in Luria Bertani medium was reduced by the secretion of anionic peptides by engineered and natural Bacillus biofilms and was studied in continuous reactors using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. Compared to sterile controls, pitting was reduced dramatically by the presence of the biofilms. The secretion of a 20(More)
A compact 1 /spl times/ 2 waveguide digital optical switch (DOS) with electrically reconfigurable output waveguide arms is proposed and demonstrated. Calculations show that this switch can be much shorter and consume less power than previous DOS designs. An InGaAsP-InP waveguide device based on carrier injection was designed and fabricated and exhibits a(More)
We use star couplers to measure the relative scattering losses of silicon-on-insulator (SOI) ridge waveguides of various widths over the range of 1.75 to 0.2 mum in a single measurement. The scattering loss data obtained for waveguides fabricated by different photolithography and e-beam base processes correlate well with the measured root-mean-square(More)
A new empirical model of the dual-gate GaAs MESFET (DGFET) drain current is presented. The model uses a modified expression of the well-established hyperbolic tangent-function to accurately fit the DC and the RF I/V characteristics of the DGFET. The frequency dispersion of the DGFET transconductances and output conductance is taken into account in the new(More)
Biofilms were used to produce gramicidin S (a cyclic decapeptide) to inhibit corrosion-causing, sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB). In laboratory studies these biofilms protected mild steel 1010 continuously from corrosion in the aggressive, cooling service water of the AmerGen Three-Mile-Island (TMI) nuclear plant, which was augmented with reference SRB. The(More)
Interdigitated metal-semiconductor-metal (MSM) photodetectors were fabricated by depositing metal contacts on top of a 2-/spl mu/m-thick layer of polycrystalline silicon (polysilicon). These detectors have a -3-dB bandwidth of 750 MHz and a responsivity of 0.13 A/W at 860 nm. The bandwidth is more than twice that reported for conventional silicon MSM(More)
The development of an analytical small-signal model for the intrinsic elements of a dual gate GaAs MESFET (DGMESFET) is described. The model is based on splitting the Z-parameters of each FET part analytically without any simplifications or assumptions. The model is extracted directly from the measured three-port S-parameters. No extra measurements are(More)
To demonstrate the accuracy and versatility of the physical lumped modelling technique, metal-insulator-metal (MIM) capacitors on 254 ¿m substrates are studied and characterized. The results will show that the proposed model is capable of representing MIM capacitors, having values from 0.47 to 20 pF, in the frequency range of 0.5 to 26.5 GHz. An important(More)
Leakage currents, thermal effects and deep-level traps cause significant current lag effects in GaAs MESFETs. A conventional, MESFET large-signal, equivalent-circuit model has been modified to simulate these effects and used to improve the design of GaAs digital control and RF switching circuits. Both gate lag and drain lag are simulated as well as(More)