B. C. Sarkar

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The structure and operating principle of ring oscillators (RO) have been described. The expression for the frequency of oscillation of a complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) delay cell based conventional ring oscillator is presented and propagation delay of the delay stages is calculated. The limitations of a conventional RO have been studied and(More)
A dynamic gain modification algorithm of a class of DPLLs has been proposed to improve its transient characteristics and tracking behavior. In this technique, rather taking a time invariant gain, the gain of the loop digital filter is made a function of the sampled value of the signal at every sampling instant. It has been shown analytically as well as(More)
The present paper reports the design and analysis of a new time-delayed chaotic system and its electronic circuit implementation. The system is described by a first-order nonlinear retarded type delay differential equation with a closed form mathematical function describing the nonlinearity. We carry out stability and bifurcation analysis to show that with(More)
The dynamics of a system comprising of two bilaterally coupled Gunn oscillators (BCGOs) has been examined using a circuit theoretic model of the Gunn oscillator (GO). The effects of coupling factors (kij ) between i-th and j-th oscillators on the frequency-range of synchronized operation and the magnitude of common frequency of oscillation have been(More)