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In recent years, applying the powerful computational resources delivered by modern GPUs to ray tracing has resulted in a number of ray tracing implementations that allow rendering of moderately sized scenes at interactive speeds. For non-static scenes, besides ray tracing performance, fast construction of acceleration data structures such as kd-trees is of(More)
We present an unbiased method for generating caustic lighting using importance sampled Path Tracing with Caustic Forecasting. Our technique is part of a straightforward rendering scheme which extends the Illumination by Weak Singularitiesmethod to allow for fully unbiased global illumination with rapid convergence. A photon shooting preprocess, similar to(More)
This dissertation discusses work that enables the realistic image synthesis of very complex scenes. Some of the work herein describes approaches for modeling more complicated scenes, while other portions describe algorithms for accelerating the rendering of complex scenes. First we propose a simple method for modeling and rendering refractive objects that(More)
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