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SUMMARY: This report of the National Commission for the Protection of Human Subjects of Biomedical and Behavioral Research notes that in no other area subject to its scrutiny has the need for research been so clearly manifest. At the same time, it recognizes that the mentally infirm have long been victims of abuse and exploitation. The Commission's(More)
In 1916 A. L. Caulkins and the writer began an investigation of the dual r81e of hydrogen peroxide as an oxidizing agent and as a reducing agent. The reactions considered were the oxidation of iodine to iodic acid, and the reduction of iodic acid to iodine, viz.: and both of which, it is to be noted, involve the iodic acid-iodine oxidation-reduction(More)
Response and adaptation. In a typical assay, a model system was subject to a step-like change in attractant concentration. A system in steady-state, characterized by the system activity A st , was perturbed by an addition or removal of attractant. As a result, the system activity changed abruptly and then relaxed, with the characteristic adaptation time, t,(More)
We present the results of a measurement of the spin-dependent asymmetry in 3 g (i , e ') inelastic scattering at kinematics on the low-energy transfer side of the quasielastic peak, including the region near the breakup threshold. Comparison with existing calculation., based upon the plane wave impulse approximation shows significant deviation between the(More)
Anomalous plasma transport and plasma flows at tokamak edge, plasma-wall interactions, as well as dust dynamics and transport in fusion plasmas are among the most important processes for reactor design and performance. Recent results of theoretical studies and simulations on some aspects of these processes (including formation of meso-scale convective(More)
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