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Let E be a Banach space with a separable dual. Zippin’s theorem asserts that E embeds in a Banach space E1 with a shrinking basis, and W. J. Davis, T. Figiel, W. B. Johnson and A. Pełczyński have shown that E is a quotient of a Banach space E2 with a shrinking basis. These two results use the interpolation theorem established by W. J. Davis, T. Figiel, W.(More)
With the development of Telematics Applications in Healthcare, it becomes obvious that the success of these services is tightly linked with their usability and their acceptance by users. That is why Users Requirements Analysis appears as an essential step before implementation of new computer services. In many cases, particularly when doctors are directly(More)
Investing in information technology has become a crucial process in hospital management today. Medical and administrative managers are faced with difficulties in measuring medical information technology costs and benefits due to the complexity of the domain. This paper proposes a preimplementation methodology for evaluating and appraising material, process(More)
Between January 1985 and January 1988, 56 patients received radioactive implant therapy of the Eustachian tube with Iridium 192 in the context of tympanoplasty for chronic otitis with tubal dysfunction. After reviewing the method used, we present the results by category of chronic otitis and attempt to propose its indications. Tubal dysfunction was assessed(More)
A number of surgical procedures have been described to correct irregularities of the consequences of excessive resection of the nasal ridge. Among these procedures the authors propose a bone powder graft mixed with tissue glue and reinforced with surgicel. The graft is in the form of a sheet of variable thickness which is malleable and can be perfectly(More)
Traditional methods used to generate synthetic environment databases for driving simulators often utilize automated software tools for the roadways combined with a lot of manual efforts for feature placement and fine-tuning. Automated tools, although they are much more efficient than manual techniques, have several shortcomings. They produce roadways that(More)
The authors report the results of CO2 broncholaser treatment in 14 cases of iatrogenic cricotracheal stenosis. A stable patency of the laryngotracheal airway was successfully obtained in 43% of stenoses treated with the broncholaser alone. In another 43% of patients improvement was obtained. Failure occurred in 14% of cases. Heat disruption of the(More)
Two new cases of midfacial granuloma caused by leishmaniasis are reported. This disease is very rare in France but very frequent in South America, where it occurs in two forms called UTA and Espundia. These are described here as well as the means of diagnosis and treatment for this disease. A brief review of the cases published in France seems to indicate(More)
Turbinate surgery has become more precise thanks to miniaturisation and improvements in optical systems, therby allowing endoscopic surgery throughout the procedure including its posterior portion. Endoscopic turbinate surgery includes surgery of the hypertrophied middle turbinate "concha bullosa" which requires diagnosis for successful treatment(More)
Cefixime was used in the treatment of 59 patients, 44 of whom had sinusitis, 9 otitis media and 6 various ENT infections. The clinical and bacteriological effectiveness of the drug could be evaluated in 44 patients and its safety in all 59 patients. The most common responsible pathogens were Haemophilus influenzae, streptococci including Streptococcus(More)