B. Borchers

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We discuss the influence of the higher-order Kerr effect (HOKE) in wide bandgap solids at extreme intensities below the onset of optically induced damage. Using different theoretical models, we employ multiphoton absorption rates to compute the nonlinear refractive index by a Kramers-Kronig transform. Within this theoretical framework we provide an estimate(More)
We demonstrate carrier-envelope phase (CEP) stabilization of a mode-locked Ti:sapphire oscillator with unprecedented timing jitter of eight attoseconds. The stabilization performance is obtained by a combination of two different stabilization approaches. In a first step the drift of the CEP is stabilized with a conventional feedback loop by means of(More)
Life support technologies are being developed for long-duration space missions at NASA Ames Research Center as part of the Controlled Ecological Life Support System (CELSS) Program. The primary goal of the CELSS Program is to develop small-scale ecological systems, a CELSS, that mimic ecological systems on Earth. This small-scale replica CELSS can provide(More)
A bandwidth-independent and linear interferometric method for the measurement of the carrier-envelope phase drift of ultrashort pulse trains is demonstrated. The pulses are temporally overlapped in a resonant multiple-beam interferometer. From the position of the spectral interference pattern, the relative carrier-envelope phase between two subsequent(More)
A thorough understanding of thermal soil regimes is critical information for a wide variety of disciplines and engineering applications as well as for the evaluation of potential and limitations of thermal and optical sensors. In this study we have developed a procedure for the evaluation of global thermal soil regimes. First, pedotransfer functions are(More)
Strong field single ionization of homo- and heteronuclear noble gas dimers with ultrashort infrared laser pulses is experimentally investigated. A pronounced photoelectron yield maximum is found for dimers in the momentum range |p|≤0.1  a.u. which is absent for the corresponding monomer. This yield enhancement can be attributed to a new two-step strong(More)