B. Borah

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A metal−organic framework (MOF) with high volumetric deliverable capacity for methane was synthesized after being identified by computational screening of 204 hypothetical MOF structures featuring (Zr 6 O 4)(OH) 4 (CO 2) n inorganic building blocks. The predicted MOF (NU-800) has an fcu topology in which zirconium nodes are connected via ditopic(More)
— Extracting useful information from a huge data collection is an important and challenging issue. Feature selection (FS) refers to the problem of selecting minimal relevant features which produce the most predictive outcome and retaining the original meaning of the features after reduction. One of the successful techniques for feature selection from(More)
A simple and reliable method for quantifying the fluid content and characterizing the tissue T2 relaxation properties of animal extremities has been devised. This one-dimensional magnetic resonance imaging experiment, applied to the adjuvant arthritis model in rats, provides a useful, noninvasive monitor of the course of the disease in vivo. Tissue is(More)
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