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We report results of directional solidification experiments conducted on board the International Space Station and quantitative phase-field modeling of those experiments. The experiments image for the first time in situ the spatially extended dynamics of three-dimensional cellular array patterns formed under microgravity conditions where fluid flow is(More)
We present a phase-field study of oscillatory breathing modes observed during the solidification of three-dimensional cellular arrays in microgravity. Directional solidification experiments conducted onboard the International Space Station have allowed us to observe spatially extended homogeneous arrays of cells and dendrites while minimizing the amount of(More)
We present a detailed analysis of oscillatory modes during three-dimensional cellular growth in a diffusive transport regime. We ground our analysis primarily on in situ observations of directional solidification experiments of a transparent succinonitrile 0.24wt% camphor alloy performed in microgravity conditions onboard the International Space Station.(More)
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