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The latest generation of cell separators such as Trima (Gambro), Amicus (Baxter) and AS-TEC 204 (Fresenius), allow the collection of leucocyte-reduced platelet concentrates without secondary filtration. Fresenius has recently developed the COMTEC cell separator whose performance has been evaluated by several teams in France. This new cell separator is an(More)
We describe a flow-cytometric method for estimating residual white blood cells (WBC) counts in WBC depleted blood components, namely units of packed red cells. The method uses fluorescent staining of nuclear ADN with ethidium bromide. WBC nuclei are discriminated from background events using fluorescence ratio (585 nm versus 650 nm). A facultative procedure(More)
11 blood and seric group markers were studied in a case of 46,XX,del(8)(qter yields p22 :) in order to contribute to the exclusion map. MNSs and Jk are informative and could be excluded from the region. The proband is also definitly heterozygous for immunoglobulin Gm groups which were tentatively assigned to the short arm of chromosome 8 or 12.
Routine examination in pre-operative patients revealed the presence of anti-erythrocyte antibodies in 1.23 per cent of cases. Such examination made it possible to avoid, despite strict compability in ABO Rhesus groups, a transfusional immunological conflict in 0.45 per cent of cases, i.e. 7 patients in one year. This provides preventive cover wihich would(More)
The first case is provided by a french women (KK, husband k/k) who delivered a first healthy full term infant in 1970 and received one blood unit at this time. In 1972 and 1975, his second and fourth pregnancies ended by spontaneous abortion. In 1974 and 1976, she delivered stillborn infants with hydrops fetalis during the sixth month. In serum, anti-k(More)
It is difficult for blood transfusion centers to validate the link blood products-receiver because of two reasons: most of transfusional acts are performed outside of transfusion centers; information feed-back is not perfect: data processing is completed by someone who has not carried out the transfusion. Therefore, the error risk is higher and it is(More)
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