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BACKGROUND Quantitative behavioral testing is necessary to establish a reproducible measure of differential functional blockade during regional anesthesia. Methods for assessment of the neurologic status (mental status, posture, gait, proprioception, motor function, autonomic function, and nociception) in veterinary neurology were adapted for the rat and(More)
New formulations of the direct and inverse problems for the moving dipole are offered. It has been suggested to limit the study by a small area on the chest surface. This lowers the role of the medium inhomogeneity. When formulating the direct problem, irregular components are considered. The algorithm of simultaneous determination of the dipole and regular(More)
The character of baroreceptor reflexes was studied in conscious cats both under resting conditions and during emotional stress. During naturally evoked emotional tension 32 cats showed a two-phase change in arterial pressure: an initial hypotension was followed by a rise in arterial pressure. The pressor component was accompanied by a suppression of the(More)
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