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BACKGROUND Female collegiate athletes have been reported to have a higher rate of anterior cruciate ligament injury compared to male collegiate athletes. This finding has spawned a branch of research focused on understanding and preventing this injury pattern. PURPOSE To determine if the trends reported in 1994 have continued. STUDY TYPE Descriptive(More)
BACKGROUND Quality of life (QOL) is a goal for nursing home residents, but measures are needed to tap this phenomenon. METHODS In-person QOL interviews were attempted for 1988 residents, stratified by cognitive functioning, from 40 nursing homes in five states. Likert-type response options were used with reversion to dichotomous responses when necessary;(More)
BACKGROUND Quantitative behavioral testing is necessary to establish a reproducible measure of differential functional blockade during regional anesthesia. Methods for assessment of the neurologic status (mental status, posture, gait, proprioception, motor function, autonomic function, and nociception) in veterinary neurology were adapted for the rat and(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine the use of hospital and related medical care services of a novel managed care program using nurse practitioners (NPs) and directed specifically at long-stay nursing home residents. DESIGN Quasi-experimental posttest design with two control groups to minimize selection bias. SETTING Nursing homes. PARTICIPANTS Evercare enrollees(More)
PURPOSE To assess changes in various functional and satisfaction measures between older persons enrolled in Minnesota Senior Health Options (MSHO), a managed care program for older persons eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid. DESIGN AND METHODS We used two sets of matched controls for MSHO enrollees and their families and matched controls living in(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare the use of medical services provided under the Minnesota Senior Health Options (MSHO) (a special program designed to serve dually eligible older persons) with that provided to controls who received fee-for-service Medicare and Medicaid managed care. DESIGN Quasi-experimental design using two control groups; separate matched cohort(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine if early enteral feeding, in an intensive care unit (ICU) patient population, using a formula supplemented with arginine, dietary nucleotides, and fish oil (Impact), results in a shorter hospital stay and a reduced frequency of infectious complications, when compared with feeding a common use enteral formula (Osmolite.HN). DESIGN A(More)
BACKGROUND As an elective procedure, total knee arthroplasty is under scrutiny to evaluate its cost-effectiveness. In this review, we examined the available literature on total knee arthroplasty to assess the evidence regarding factors associated with better functional outcomes. METHODS A structured literature search of English-language databases was(More)
BACKGROUND Deep wound infection (DWI) in total knee (TKA) and total hip (THA) arthroplasty has been shown to highly correlate with superficial surgical site infection (SSSI). Although several studies have reported hospital factors that predispose to SSSI, patient factors have not been clearly elucidated. METHODS All patients undergoing TKA (n = 1181) and(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare the characteristics of a sample of EverCare nursing home residents with two control groups: one composed of other residents in the same homes and another made up of residents in matched nursing homes. To compare levels of unmet need, satisfaction with medical care, and the use of advance directives. DESIGN Quasi-experimental design(More)