B. Bedzhev

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The need for stream ciphers in communication and information cryptographic systems is rapidly grown in the last twenty years. The stream ciphers usually use a pseudo-random number generator with large period, large linear complexity and good statistical properties. At present a small number of software-oriented stream ciphers are known. Due to this reasons(More)
The information distortions during the signal processing at the receivers of a communication system are very undesirable, because they can be compensated only by means of increasing of transmitted energy. This leads to decreasing of system secrecy and its effectiveness. Due to this reason in our paper we suggest a mathematical algorithm for processing of(More)
The most valuable feature of the of the communication signals is the level of their side lobes, because it determines some of the most important system characteristics. With regard, tremendous efforts have been taken in order to develop methods of synthesis of signals, which auto-correlation function is similar to a delta pulse. Despite of this, at present(More)
In the new generation wireless communication systems a large number of users simultaneously exploit a common communication channel. As a result the limited natural source – electromagnetic spectrum is used very effectively. This positive effect is reached on the base of ultra-wide band complex signals. With regard an algorithm for synthesis of a type of(More)
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