B. Baykant Alagoz

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Hierarchical application of Triple-Modular Redundancy (TMR) increases fault tolerance of digital Integrated Circuit (IC). In this paper, a simple probabilistic model was proposed for analysis of fault masking performance of hierarchical TMR networks. Performance improvements obtained by second order TMR network were theoretically compared with first order(More)
In this study, we introduced a probabilistic voter, regarding symbol probabilities in decision process besides majority consensus. Conventional majority voter is independent of functionality of redundant modules. In our study, proposed probabilistic voter is designed corresponding to functionality of the redundant module. We tested probabilistic voter for 3(More)
Linear time invariant (LTI) systems are widely used for modeling system dynamics in science and engineering problems. Harmonic oscillation of LTI systems are widely used for modeling and analyses of periodic physical phenomenon. This study investigates sufficient conditions to obtain harmonic oscillation for high-order LTI systems. The paper presents a(More)
Error detectable and error correctable coding in Hamming space was researched to discover possible fault tolerant coding constellations, which can implement Boolean logic with fault tolerant property. Basic logic operators of the Boolean algebra were developed to apply fault tolerant coding in the logic circuits. It was shown that application of three-bit(More)
In this study a segmentation algorithm controlled by a dissimilarity function composed of a few criterion for segmentation of medical images, starting from a seed point and growing toward the boundary of the considered anatomical tissue, is proposed. It has been shown that the algorithm can be controlled to overcome the complications such as noise,(More)
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