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Grid is a seamless integration varied resources that are geographically distributed around the globe aiming to provide gigantic computational power. The heterogeneous, decentralized and distributed nature of Grid environment places special requirement for Grid applications management. With a large number of scientists eager to use the Grid, the need of the(More)
National Governments are realizing the importance of new e-infrastructures to enable scientific progress and enhance research competitiveness. Making e-infrastructures available to the research community is crucial and is important to researchers and development teams in India. C-DAC launched the Indian National Grid Computing Initiative-GARUDA with the(More)
In this paper, we propose a new channel routing algorithm based on genetic approach. This involves designing a new encoding scheme and an evaluation function used by the genetic algorithm(GA) for channel routing problem. The algorithm has been implemented as both sequential and distributed CA. The speedup achieved is positive and encouraging.
In this paper we discuss how a Cloud Computing offering can co-exist in the GARUDA infrastructure. GARUDA is now an established Grid, having undergone two phases of evolution. Providing Cloud Computing support is essential to increase the outreach of Grid to more application developers and users. Grids may rely on private networks, whereas Clouds rely on(More)
In this paper, we propose an algorithm for the channel routing problem based on genetic approach that uses a new type of mutation, called inter-cluster mutation. The performance of genetic algorithm-based channel router is improved by incorporating problem-specific knowledge into the inter-cluster mutation operators. A solution of the channel routing(More)
— Storage plays an important role in sufficing the requirements of data intensive applications in a Grid computing environment. Current Scientific applications perform complex computational analysis, and consume/produce hundreds of terabytes of data. The authors in this paper have surveyed available data grid solutions, viz., Storage Resource Broker (SRB),(More)