B. B. Ghosh

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Allergic asthma is associated with airway epithelial cell mucous metaplasia and mucin hypersecretion, but the consequences of mucin hypersecretion on airway function are unclear. Recently, a peptide derived from the myristoylated alanine-rich C kinase substrate protein NH(2)-terminal sequence (MANS) was shown to inhibit methacholine (MCh)-induced mucin(More)
Dynamic variations in mitochondrial shape have been related to function. However, tools to automatically classify and enumerate mitochondrial shapes are lacking, as are systematic studies exploring the relationship of such shapes to mitochondrial stress. Here we show that during increased generation of mitochondrial reactive oxygen species (mtROS),(More)
DAMTC (7,8-diacetoxy-4-methylcoumarin) is a thioderivative of 4-methyl coumarin, and previously we have shown that DAMTC is a potent inhibitor of cell growth and an inducer of apoptosis in non-small cell lung cancer (A549) cells. It induces apoptosis through mitochondrial pathway by modulating NF-κB, mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) and p53 pathways.(More)
Frequencies of chromosomal abnormalities, sister chromatid exchanges, and replicative index were assessed following peripheral lymphocyte culture in 129 individuals from Bhopal, India. Of these, 83 persons (40 male and 43 female) had been exposed directly to the methyl isocyanate (MIC) gas after the accident at the Union Carbide plant on December 2 and 3,(More)
Asthma is a complex airway allergic disease involving the interplay of various cell types, cytokines, and transcriptional factors. Though many factors contribute to disease etiology, the molecular control of disease phenotype and responsiveness is not well understood. Here we report an essential role of the matrix attachment region (MAR)-binding protein(More)
— A good deal of research has been done and published on coloring of the vertices of graphs for several years while studying of the excellent work of those maestros, we get inspire to work on the vertex coloring of graphs in case of a particular triangular closed path structure what we achieve from the front view of a pyramidal structure. From here we(More)
The clinical and electrophysiologic profiles of two brothers suffering from Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease are presented. Both had widespread muscle twitching in the legs which showed electrophysiologic features of myokymia. Pedigree analysis suggested an x-linked recessive form of inheritance. This appears to be the first report of an Indian family with(More)
Human peripheral blood lymphocytes of healthy male and female individuals of different age groups were treated with two aqueous doses (0.5 microgram and 1.0 microgram) of trimethyltin chloride in mitogen stimulated and serum supplemented culture medium for 72 h at 37 degrees C. Chromatid and chromosome types of aberrations were observed to be increased in(More)