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The functional and dimensional components of the oxygen transporting system was studied in 17 female and 11 male patients suffering from anorexia nervosa. Both groups were 14.9 years old, on average, and had lost about 25% of their weight. Measurements at rest included blood and heart volume, heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen uptake (VO2), RQ, blood(More)
Previously reported methods for the correction of tricuspid atresia involve the use of conduits and/or valves. Since many of the younger patients will outgrow their conduits and the long-term durability of the valve prostheses is open to question, we have devised an operation in which the right atrial (RA) appendage is anastomosed to the right ventricle(More)
66 cases of infective endocarditis (IE) during 1971-1980 were studied. The infection was in most cases located to the mitral or aortic valve. Major complications were found in 43 children. In 17 children there was a long history of infection for which medical consultation had previously been sought prior to correct diagnosis. Antibiotics were administered(More)
A retrospective study of Swedish children with infective endocarditis (IE) during the period 1971-80 was made. Sixty-six instances were identified in 64 children (0.39 cases per 100,000 children per year). Fifty (78%) had a previously known heart disease. Most commonly this was a ventricular septal defect and tetralogy of Fallot. Seventy-one percent had(More)
Ten female and eight male adults with tetralogy of Fallot, the majority totally corrected at adult age, have been studied at rest and during submaximal and maximal exercise on a bicycle ergometer. Oxygen uptake was determined by the Douglas bag technique and cardiac output by the dye-dilution method. Maximal oxygen uptake was reduced about 30-40% from(More)
The anatomy, natural history, clinical features and symptomatology of 101 cases of congenitally corrected transposition of the great arteries (C-TGA) diagnosed over a 20-year period at Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Ontario, is reported. Only 1 patient had no association lesion and only 14 an intact ventricular septum. Pulmonary stenosis was present(More)